Our Principles

Burdette Asset Management is committed to:

Complete Operational Transprency
Partnership with best  Service Provider
Independent valuaion
Cost Effective
Active Ongoing Management
Long Term Fund Management Persprective

Our Principals

The Burdette Asset Management principals are seasoned financial professionals with a unique combination of experience in investment management, capital markets, private equity, and business operations.

Our Funds

Burdette Asset Management, LLC, is an alternative asset manager with a focus in Life Settlements, providing investors access to the unique management of funds by our experienced team.

Through traditional portfolio management techniques, diversification, a proven medical review process and a long-term hold bias, Burdette Asset Management has refined the approach to investing in the Life Settlement asset class.

At Burdette Asset Management, we understand the unique aspects of the Life Settlement Asset Class and manage our Funds and investor portfolios accordingly. By doing so, we are able to deliver realized returns expected by investors.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Preservation of capital through disciplined risk management.

Disciplined Portfolio Management

Disciplined Portfolio Management

A focus on quality, using rigorous due diligence, research and ongoing monitoring to provide superior returns for our investors.



Preserving the highest ethical standards with transparency and integrity.

Policy Optimization - Enhancing Policy Performance

Life insurance is a complex asset requiring active management. Family circumstances change, so an annual review of the policy and the insured's circumstances are important to make the policy work efficiently...this is Policy Optimization. Whether you are an individual, company, trust department or financial advisor, Burdette Asset Management can help you optimize the value realized on your investment in life insurance.